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Rosetta Stone – The Conductor

Our Rosetta Stone commercial. Cast includes Steve Su, Julia Wolfermann, and Steve Garfanti. Produced by Willa Yeh.  Directed by Erik Lu.  Shot by Dan Wills, Cam Op'd by Dan Leung.    


Garnier’s “The Leap” Ad.

A promotional video we made last April.  Produced by Willa Yeh and Genna Mazor.  Directed by Erik Lu and shot by Tinx Chan.  Make up by Dani Scarcella.  Special Thanks to Lane Kwederis. Featuring Fitness Model MC Barao.


Pitches Purchased for Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, the well-known language learning company, has purchased two pitches from Descendant.  One is in Spanish, the other is in German.  They are now in production. We're not sure exactly where they will end up.  But stay on the lookout.  Danke Schön!  


Clinique and 행복한 엄마 (Happy Mom)

Clinique bought and just posted up our "Happy Mom."  A story about a Korean-American daughter who gives back to her mother. Featuring Jeena Yi and Juliana Woo.  Thanks to Yue Xu and Anna Woo for helping us out on this. Produced by Willa Yeh, directed by Erik Lu, shot by Dan Wills. You can also watch them on Clinique's page! http://www.clinique.com/cms/videos/happy.tmpl 행복한 엄마 (Happy Mom) Thanks!


Mastercard Pitch Video for Edelman NYC

Edelman_Logo_Color small

In September, we were hired by Edelman advertising in NYC to create a Mastercard pitch video.   Driving around NYC boroughs guarantees some crazy sights! Cast: Milee Bang and Jeena Yi.  Produced by Willa Yeh, Directed by Erik Lu, shot by Dan Wills.  


Philosophy Ad Purchased!

Catching up to speed here -- Our Philosophy ad was bought back in July. It was released a few months ago by Philosophy and Sephora. Produced by Willa Yeh and Genna Mazor. Directed by Erik Lu. Shot by Dan Wills. Talent is Samantha Scaffidi.


Dole Food Company Buys Spot

Dole Food Company has purchased Descendant's 1 minute spec commercial "Mr. Hibachi vs. Mom."  Produced by Willa Yeh.  Directed by Erik Lu.  Shot by Michael Ormiston.  Idea conceived by Donald Choi.  Featuring Chef Jevan Chen, Jennifer Mello, and Ana Fenster.  


Garnier Fructis Picks Up Spec

Descendant has sold "Live Strong.  Live Healthy.  Live Fearless." to Garnier Fructis.  The 0:30 sec spot features MC Barao from Rooftop Pursuit's Music Video "All I Need" and her daily life as a fitness model.  Produced by Willa Yeh and Genna Mazor.  Directed by Erik Lu.  Shot by Tinx Chan.  Also Credited: Lane Kwederis.



The indie rock band PaperDoll has a great sound and we knew we wanted to do a music video with them the first time we listened to their music. They do most of their videos in one location, and the challenge for us was finding a concept that they liked, that got us excited, and that would engage their audience. This video required tons of work and planning before the shoot (every movement was choreographed and timed). We had a lot of hands helping out the day we shot, from make-up to costumes to music playback to the handing off of props, and we were quite happy with the results. Check it out! Written and directed by Michael Rosete. Produced by Erik Lu, Willa Yeh, and Franklin Shen.